Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It's been a while...

Today I decided to review and then quickly decided I also needed to update my profile. And it got me thinking... It has been a while since I have actually taken the time to just write something down and publish it. That publish bit always gets me. So I thought it was time to share some honesty with you, in hopes that maybe you will relate and it will inspire you if you have a similar issue like I do. I hate "publishing things". Or maybe it's really that the perfectionist bit of me gets anxious to release whatever it is I'm working on into the world of judgement. But truthfully, I only ever wrote one thing ever that was graded and given 100%... And what I will always remember what my professor told me when she gave me back that essay in college. Something along the lines of, "I wish I didn't have to give you 100% on this essay, however I must, only because the rubric I must grade it by, does not provide a margin that includes that whatever you are writing or thoughts you are accumulating should always be continuing to develop. Therefore, if I wrote the rubric, I would intend that no one could ever achieve 100%, as you should always be growing and developing your thoughts and ideas." 
How often in life do we put off doing things we want "100%" on when really life isn't about achieving perfection, but rather about growing they way we think and developing how and what we do. 
What would life be like if we all have up after we achieved "perfection" or even just our "preferred grade". We would lose interest. The fun of creativity would be gone. Different wouldn't be celebrated. Colours might not be embraced. 
But to me, and maybe you can relate, I want to keep interest and continue to be inspired. I love when different is celebrated and I want colours to be embraced! Because to me, that's what life is about. Growing. Embracing. Encouraging. Igniting. Inspiring. And maybe we just need to start wherever we are, with whatever were procastinating, for whatever our reason (insecurity, fear, time, or whatever other million excuses your procastinating self might come up with!). So here I go, starting right now. I updated that profile, and now I'm ACTUALLY publishing this post (without even proofreading so I don't not do it... So please, be forgiving!!) 

You can do it. You've just got TO DO IT! 

Xx Tesch